We believe that in order for a community to be a place you want to put down roots, it has to be healthy. While we probably don’t need to convince you of how important it is to eat your vegetables, showing you why it’s important for the entire health of the community that your local corner store sells vegetables may take a bit more persuasion.

We’re up for the challenge. Whether you love to garden, need to find affordable health insurance, or just want to exercise, we can connect you to what you’re looking for.

What do we offer?

Nutrition: We work to provide access to healthy food in all neighborhoods through our Healthy Corner Store Initiative. We also give residents the tools and resources they need to eat healthy at home through our Home Garden program and nutrition-based educational workshops.

FreshLo: We received a planning grant from The Kresge Foundation to explore how fresh and local food can intersect with creative placemaking as a platform for neighborhood revitalization. We worked with artist, Cal Cullen, to create an artist-driven data collection process and professor, Alan Wight, to create a Westside Neighborhood Food & Asset Map. These planning exercises helped us launch four new pilot projects in the Spring of 2017: the FreshLo Chef Fellowship, The FreshLo Internship, Empower Tools,  and The Westside Spring Celebration.

Tobacco Free Northern Kentucky: We work with the Health Department and other organizations to end second­hand smoke in workplaces. This group also supports people in our region who want to quit smoking or using tobacco products.

Community Gardens: We help residents create community gardens to grow fresh vegetables and fruits.

Affordable Health Insurance: During our free tax service, we help people understand and find affordable health insurance.

Physical Activity: We team up with residents, businesses, schools and other groups to get people to be physically active.

Why does it matter?

We think that all communities have the right to be healthy. Unfortunately, many communities don’t have the resources to make healthy choices so we work to break down some of these barriers.

We believe Covington will be a more healthy city if:

What can you do?