Creative Community Grants

The Creative Community Grant program makes awards of up to $5000 to self­defined artists (either individuals or businesses) that have creative solutions to local challenges.

Over a three year period, we will hold six rounds of funding. Each round will address a different issue, identified by neighborhood surveys, focus groups, resident led community groups, and existing neighborhood plans. Like much of our creative placemaking and housing initiatives, most of the grants awarded each round will take place in Covington’s Westside neighborhood.

Round 6 is now open! This round we’re giving out 4 grants in 4 different neighborhoods and each one will address a different, neighborhood-identified issue. Download the application here.  Check out a map of the four neighborhoods and points of interest referenced in the application here.

Think you have an idea? Jot down some ideas, and then set up a time to talk with us. We’d love to sit with you and think through your ideas to help you submit the best application possible. You can also read through our funded projects to see the grants we funded in previous rounds. Aplica en Espanol.

Questions? Call or email Shannon Ratterman.

Goats and a park swing to promote safety. Murals and a time capsule to celebrate a bicentennial birthday. A mosaic mural and Braille printer to encourage inclusion. These are examples of some of our projects. Watch a video to learn more.

Big Buck Bunny
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Creative Community Grants

  • Westside Makers
    Westside Makers
  • Try Together Fly Together
    Try Together Fly Together
  • Version for the Visually Impaired
    Version for the Visually Impaired
  • Brailling A New Trail
    Brailling A New Trail