Covington Nano Grants

In 2015, we started giving Covington residents, students, and workers up to $250 for creative projects that bring people together. The results have been nothing short of awesome. We find that small grants and active community members makes projects such as art walks for the visually impaired, porch caroling and music making, bike tours of Covington, mosaic art installations, community park parties, and so much more possible.

Are you a Covington resident, student, or worker? Do you have a creative project idea? Apply today and let us help you make your idea a reality! Aplica en Espanol

Download the Nano Grant Application here: Nano Grant Application

If you aren’t in Covington but would like to bring this program to your community (or you just have general questions about the Nano Grant Program), please contact Kate Greene.

If you’d like to be inspired by some past Nano Grants, check this out.


Pre-K Readiness Nano Grants:

The years before kindergarten are one of the most important times in a child’s life. Just in these few years, children learn skills that they will have to use for the remainder of their life. This includes the ability to communicate well, social and emotional development, motor skills, pre-math and literary skills, and growing accustomed to schooling later on.  We all wanted to have a strong community, what better way than to help those who will take care of it later in life, grow as community members. We are challenging Covington residents to assist their youngest neighbors by doing a Nano Grant project addressing Pre-K readiness in their community. Do you have an idea?

Download the application here: Pre-K Readiness Nano Grant Application

Or, apply online here: Pre-K Readiness Online Nano Grant Application