Real Estate Development

Most urban communities have buildings that need a lot of TLC, buildings that you wish would be demolished. Fortunately for us, Covington has more beautiful historic buildings than you can count (we’re not kidding, there are 17 historic districts).

While many of these structures are being lovingly restored by committed homeowners and business owners, some are in such bad condition that no one wants to touch them….except us.

Through our vast historic rehab experience (35 buildings and counting), we’ve witnessed the transformational impact that revitalizing the worst buildings can have on communities so we work with residents on ways to address these properties in their communities.

What do we offer?

We use different approaches when tackling the most blighted homes and lots:

Why does it matter?

We’ve seen the impact rehabbing one vacant house can have on the surrounding community: it improves safety, helps to stabilize the housing market, and instills a sense of optimism in other residents. We feel incredibly passionate about this last one because we’ve experienced firsthand all of the great ripple effects that come from a positive attitude about the future of your community.

What can you do?