About Grants

For years, Covington residents were piecing together small donations for community projects. We recognize how challenging this can be for residents who are trying to make a positive impact in their community, so in 2007 we decided to apply for funding from Place Matters to share with community members and groups leading projects in their neighborhoods. 2007-2015, our Place Matters mini grants have funded over 150 community projects investing over $336,000 in our community. (these grants are currently not available but we do have others described below).

In 2014, we decided to expand our grant program to fund you, the individual. We received funding from the Kregse Foundation to share with artists and individuals that strive to strengthen our community in a creative way. Our Creative Community Grants fund artists to tackle community identified issues in Covington. Our Nano Grants fund individuals who have a creative idea to bring people together. So far we have funded over 80 individual’s projects, investing more than $170,000 in the community.

Do you have a project idea for a community project? Read more about our grants here or contact us today to find out how we can support you.