Hellmann Creative Center

Hellmann Creative Center is a 14,000 sq. ft. historic lumber mill building that sits in the middle of the Westside community of Covington. For 130 years, the Lumber Mill welcomed people with dreams and ideas for their homes and businesses and helped turn these hopes into reality.


Once the largest employer in the neighborhood, children would point to the building and tell others: “That’s where my church pew was made” or “That’s where my father builds things.” Unfortunately, the economic climate drastically changed, and for 10 years the Mill sat vacant, a grim reminder to the community of what it once was.


On September 5, 2016, the building reopened as the Hellmann Creative Center. It is now home to The Center for Great Neighborhood’s offices, 8 artist studios, and over 3,000 square feet of public event space. Hellmann is once again in the business of welcoming people to turn their ideas and dreams into reality!


To rent a studio or event space, contact Courtney Barlow-Schulte.

To find out more about what’s currently happening at Hellmann, check out our webpage.