Stories of Impact

Low Income Tax Payer Clinic: A disabled veteran with a wife and two young children requested assistance from our Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC).  The IRS audited his tax return and denied his exemption claim for the children. Our LITC staff helped him submit the proper documents to prove his claim to the dependents at no cost.  He received his refund of over $8,000, which made a significant difference in his ability to provide for his family.

FreshLo Fellows Program: A Westside neighbor who participated in The Center’s FreshLo Fellows program, where participants developed project management and leadership skills. She entered the program shortly before the impending loss of her home. Despite these personal challenges, she excelled in the program, organized an impactful community initiative for families, and was able to secure a new job, using her training and accomplishments in the program as part of her resume.

Born Leaders of Covington Kentucky: A young girl who took part in our Born Leaders of Covington Kentucky (BLOCK) program and over the course of the 12-week program she steadily gained confidence and eventually felt comfortable using her ability to speak both Spanish and English to help her classmates communicate with a diverse community.