Financial Wellbeing

As part of The Center’s Financial Wellbeing Program, we are offering a free service that helps you determine if you are having enough taxes withheld from your paychecks. Why is this important?  Have you ever completed your tax return and discovered you owe hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars that you did not expect?  A mid-year, tax withholding review will help you forecast your tax liability for the current tax year and make adjustments to your payroll deductions, as needed, while there is still time to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Reviews are conducted by staff or trained volunteers who help prepare tax returns. A review may also help you determine that you wish to lower your tax withholding if receiving more money in your regular paycheck is more important to you than a large tax refund next year. 

How it works: The review process is simple and can usually be done by phone.

What you need:
-Information about the income you (and your spouse, if filing jointly) have earned so far this year, including self-employment income and expenses.
-A copy of your prior year tax return.
-Information about any changes in employment or household composition (got married, had a baby, started a part-time job)
-Don’t forget that health insurance is required for everyone, so we’ll also be asking you questions about your coverage.

What happens next: A staff person or volunteer tax preparer will contact you to set up a phone appointment or face-to-face appointments if you prefer.

Timing: Reviews are normally conducted in July or August. For more information contact