Financial Wellbeing

We know that talking about money management may rank up there with going to the dentist, but we also know how important it is to do well both for yourself and the health of our communities.

We try to make this part of your life a bit easier by offering programs that help with everything from budgeting to taxes so that you have more time and energy to work on improving your community AND a little more change in your pocket to support local businesses.

What do we offer?

We hold workshops on budgeting, credit management and a variety of other financial topics at Gateway Community and Technical College, Life Learning Center and Holmes High School.

We provide a limited amount of financial coaching to highly motivated individuals who need help to create and follow their own financial plan. (Contact Dan Petronio)

Each year, from late January to the beginning of April we provide free income tax preparation to low and moderate income people in Covington and the region. (2018 VITA Tax Prep Info)

From mid-July through the end of August, we offer a service called mid-year tax withholding reviews to help you determine if enough taxes are being withheld from your paychecks. This process can help forecast your tax liability through the end of the year, and gives you a chance to make adjustments and avoid a large tax bill at the end of the year. (2016 Mid-Year Tax Withholding Review Info)

Why does it matter?

We believe that healthy communities are made up of healthy money managers and that the motivation to manage money must come from inside yourself. We’ve found that the best way to tap into that motivation is to help you recognize the connection between managing money and reaching life goals so we work with you on understanding basic financial concepts, developing management skills and then applying them to use money wisely and make life AND your community better.

What can you do?

Get your taxes completed with us during tax season. We will also do a mid­year review with you to make sure you’re on track with your savings goals (Contact Peg Baldock)

Attend a budgeting session or schedule one for your community (Contact Dan Petronio).