FreshLo Fellows

What is the FreshLo Fellowship opportunity?

The FreshLo Fellowship is a multi-week project management opportunity for Covington residents interested in developing new skills while organizing an event, workshop, or program for the community. The fellowship receive a stipend during their fellowship.

Fellows are trained in and have the opportunity to:

Fellowship Requirements:

No former experience is necessary for this opportunity. We searched for enthusiastic candidates who had an interest in community and desired to learn new skills. Over the last 2 years, four classes of Fellows were conducted. Each class spent 5-8 weeks planning and developing a family-centric community event that incorporated food and creativity to bring people together. The final week of each class resulted in a community project, event, or activity implemented by the FreshLo Fellows in partnership with The Center staff and our communitt partners.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4