FreshLo Chef Fellowship

The Center for Great Neighborhood’s, FreshLo Chef Fellowship is designed to give a hand up and a push forward to anyone with a passion to start, or to grow, their own food-based business. For those without the resources, connections, or experience needed to start a business, becoming a food entrepreneur can remain out of reach. This program introduces aspects of starting and running a food business that will help you understand what it takes to turn your food business ideas into a reality.  

The FreshLo Chef Fellowship is open to anyone over 18 who is passionate about having a food-based business. The program is particularly interested in healthy, affordable, and culturally-diverse food ideas. The program is open to a diversity of business goals as well as a diversity of cultural and ethnic-backgrounds; immigrants and refugees are welcomed to participate.

More Info:

Students will work in a commercial kitchen space, learn fundamental culinary skills, be introduced to basic business management processes, meet local industry leaders, and connect with health, marketing, and financial experts. The goal is that you will walk away with a refined business idea, exposure to real-world environments, connections to those in the food business, and the knowledge of what you need to do next.

The program is made up of two parts: Part 1 is a 10-week curriculum which includes weekly lessons in the kitchen and the classroom; Part 2 is the Pilot Phase were each student works to define and execute a pilot of their food business idea. Specific takeaways will include: